Kidney Transplant

What is it?

Kidney transplant is a surgical procedure where a surgeon places a donor kidney in your body. The donated kidney starts to do the job that your kidneys did when they were healthy.


U.S. Renal Care works side-by-side with kidney transplant centers and other support networks to make kidney transplantation accessible to our patients. We help patients navigate the transplant process.

Resources to learn more about kidney transplant

Is a kidney transplant right for me?


Preparing for a kidney transplant and finding a donor can be a lengthy process. Your clinical team will help you determine which donor options are right for you.


Here are some things to know about kidney transplantation:

  • It is the treatment option that most closely replicates normal kidney function.
  • There is not a need for dialysis when your new kidney is functioning.
  • You can resume a normal, healthy diet and fluid intake.
  • As with all major surgeries, there are risks including clotting, bleeding, and infection, as well as a risk of kidney rejection.
  • Immunosuppressant medication will be required.


Donor options include:

  • Living, related donor
  • Living, non-related donor
  • Deceased donor

An Incredible Gift

Meet John Monts, a person who was receiving in-center hemodialysis at U.S. Renal Care and received a successful kidney transplant.