U.S. Renal Care Enters Into Dallas Partnership

February 11, 2016

Dallas – Two leading dialysis providers today announced they have partnered and will work collaboratively to elevate the care received throughout the Dallas area. U.S. Renal Care will share ownership and management responsibilities at nine clinics previously managed by Liberty Administrative Services, and together, the clinics serve more than 500 patients in the Dallas area.
Leaders of both organizations cite similar care philosophies and physician relationships as drivers of the partnership.
“This partnership works because both parties are rooted strongly in the same core principle: remain patient-focused while being physician-driven. These shared values of care make the partnership a perfect fit for both of our organizations and, most importantly, the patients we care for each day,” said Dr. Yogi Chimata.
“The goal of U.S. Renal Care is to take advantage of every opportunity to provide high quality, compassionate care to more patients throughout the communities we serve. This partnership will help us further achieve this goal, and we look forward to bringing together our exceptional medical staffs to elevate care and organizational management at our new partner clinics,” said J. Christopher Brengard, CEO of U.S. Renal Care.
U.S. Renal Care operates 300 facilities and serves approximately 24,000 patients across the country.