Kidney Care Team

Get to know the care team at U.S. Renal Care centers

Every U.S. Renal Care center has a dedicated and experienced team of caregivers who work together to support you throughout your dialysis treatment. Learn more about how you may interact with each member of our kidney care team at the center and how they work together to care for you.

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Nephrologists are doctors who specialize in kidney health. They oversee your dialysis treatment plan, prescribe medications, and coordinate with the care team at your U.S. Renal Care center.

Facility Administrators

Facility administrators (FAs) manage the U.S. Renal Care center. They lead the center staff, help care for patients, and ensure your center is operating efficiently.


Charge nurses (RNs) make sure your dialysis treatments are administered as directed by your nephrologist. They lead the staff nurses (RNs, LPNs, LVNs) who work together to deliver your dialysis treatments.

Patient Care Technicians

Patient care technicians (PCTs) deliver safe dialysis care under your nurse’s supervision. They take your vitals, set up and maintain your dialysis machine, and monitor you throughout your dialysis treatment.

Social Workers

Social workers assist you and your caregiver(s) as you adjust to living with kidney disease. Throughout your kidney care journey, social workers are your advocates – celebrating your successes, supporting you through struggles, and caring for your emotional health.

Registered Dietitians

Registered dietitians (RDs) work closely with your nephrologist to perform nutritional assessments, review your lab results, and develop a customized nutrition plan. They help you balance healthy food choices while also enjoying foods you love.

Unit Clerks

Unit clerks are often the first face you see when you enter the dialysis center. They help keep the center running smoothly by addressing patient questions and needs, maintaining medical records, and supporting day-to-day operations.

Biomedical Technicians

Biomedical technicians are responsible for overseeing the operational condition of the dialysis center. They are in charge of monitoring and maintaining the center’s water, all medical equipment, and mechanical and electrical systems to ensure patient and staff safety.

Financial Service Advisors

Financial service advisors help you review your insurance plan coverage. They partner with your social worker to direct you to available resources that can help you find the best insurance plan to meet your needs. 

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