Practice Management Services

U.S. Renal Care provides management services expertise while our physicians maintain the clinical control to ensure the highest quality of care and a business that runs smoothly. Our joint venture partnerships allow physicians to focus on what they do best – practice medicine. Further, our physician partners retain a local presence that creates a stronger bond with the community.

USRC Staff

Denovo Center Growth:

  • The highest design and infrastructure standards
  • Physician alignment and integration
  • Local branding and market development
  • Community outreach and clinics

Operational Management:

  • Billing and collections, human resources and recruitment
  • Project construction and management
  • Cost efficiencies and secure payor contracts
  • Effective workflow with IT resources and data management

Quality Care:

  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Financial counseling
  • Physician care coordination
  • Patient-focused approach
  • Commitment to the community
USRC Staff

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