Our Mission at U.S. Renal Care is simple: "To be the highest quality provider available to patients with chronic and acute renal disease.  We accomplish this mission by partnering with the best Nephrologists in the country, by providing the best trained professional staff in our centers, by demonstrating ultimate customer service, by offering state of the art technology and by constantly educating patients and family about the disease process. The result is excellent patient outcomes and the best service available.

U.S. Renal Care stands out above other providers by:

Being patient-focused

Patients are our focus, and we do our best to provide compassionate care, where and when patients need it.

Partnering with leading physicians

We work with quality physicians, who provide quality care to patients and also lead our facilities through joint venture partnerships.

Committing to the communities we call home

In each of our locations, we work closely with elected leaders, nearby hospitals, physicians and advocacy groups.

Providing highly-trained professional staff

We offer an experienced team of nurses, social workers and dietitians, acknowledging that quality care requires a quality team working in conjunction with a highly-qualified program.

Offering state-of-the-art technology

Every piece of equipment is top-of-the-line – from the at-home and in-center dialysis machines down to the therapeutic chairs in our facilities.

Delivering care in a healing environment

We design our centers with patients’ healing and comfort in mind, promoting a relaxing experience in a soothing environment.

Educating patients and family

We work with patients and their families to help them understand their disease and their therapeutic options.  This is critically important in order for them to maximize the benefits of therapy.